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Here are five fun-filled ways you can celebrate the New Year with friends and family.

As 2021 comes to a close, We’re all eager to take the time to celebrate with loved ones. With a year that might have been only mildly better than the one that preceded it, ringing in 2022 couldn’t come soon enough.

But with ongoing restrictions as a result of the pandemic, going all out at a New Year’s bash event might not be an option. And after the last two years we’ve had, having an intimate night – or New Year’s Day –with close friends and loved ones doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Here are five fun-filled ways you can celebrate an intimate New Year’s at home with friends and family.

1. Dinner and a Movie

Whether you prefer a special home-cooked meal or simply ordering in from your favourite restaurant, a good old-fashioned dinner and a movie is a great way to ring in the new year at home. Celebrate with the family or organize a potluck with a few of your friends. Maybe even get yourself a projector screen to make the movie night extra special. Just be sure you can all agree on what film to watch before the ball drops!

2. Plan a Cottage Get-Away

Just because you might have to spend your New Year’s in doesn’t mean it has to be at home. Plan a 2-day road trip to a cottage or Airbnb to make the night a little more eventful. Ring in the new year with an open fire under the stars, or if you’re permitted, why not bust out some fireworks? Grab a blanket and pop some champagne for 2022.

3. New Year’s Day Brunch

If you’re just ready to put the year behind you, focus less on the eve and more on the day! Organize a New Year’s Day brunch extravaganza with close friends and family. Take the opportunity to try new – or old – recipes that you otherwise wouldn’t. The best part about brunch? Mimosas!

4. Make New Year’s Resolutions Together

Writing New Year’s resolutions before midnight is the perfect activity for a close-knit group. Turn this into a fun family activity by asking each person to come up with an encouraging mantra or kind words for every other person. Whether you decide to take up gardening or you want to exercise more this year, make sure your resolutions are something that’ll bring you joy in the year ahead.

5. Send 2021 Up in Flames

Before you get into your resolutions, why not open up the fireplace or light up the fire pit to send 2021 up in flames. Simply gather everyone around to write down the things that happened in 2021 that you want to release, forget, or let go of. Then, toss the paper into the fire and watch it disappear! This process can be particularly cathartic for people who had a challenging year that they can’t wait to put behind them.

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