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Despite the recent stay-at-home order, Torontonians have found new ways to stay mobile, healthy, engaged, and, honestly, become less bored. While it may seem like we are confined to the comforts of our own home we aren’t forced to a life of pure isolation. We still have a plethora or opportunities to challenge our brain and keep our mind off the bleak situation that is current modern life. Here are three things you can still do in event planners in Toronto despite the stay-at-home order.

Winter Exploration

In this new landscape you are still allowed to go outside to exercise, which means winter exploration is afoot. Toronto has so many large, beautiful urban parks to explore including High Park, Little Rouge Park, and Sunnybrook Park where you can easily socially distance yourself to get in some winter exercise. Trails range from generally easy to moderately difficult in some areas. So strap on your boots, put on your scarf, and explore Toronto in the winter like the Canadian you were born to be. Don’t forget to bring a mask in tight spaces where social distancing can be difficult.

Outdoor Skating

Surprisingly, under this new stay-at-home order you are still allowed to go skating outdoors. However, rentals are not available at this time due to Covid so you may have to invest in a pair or borrow some from a friend. There are a ton of outdoor skating rinks around Toronto you can head out to. However, reservations for skating time are highly recommended.

Host An Online Alcohol Tasting Experience with Friends

Long gone and missed are the days of meeting up with friends at a bar for casual drinks on a Thursday night but that doesn’t mean still we can’t get together. We just have to do it virtually. Since the beginning of the pandemic, hundreds of companies have taken their alcohol tasting experiences online in one inclusive package of entertainment and fun. Whether it’s a wine, champagne, cocktail, or beer tasting you can find something that you and your friends can enjoy together.

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